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Campaign Update


Cathy Baur, Interim Vice President University Advancement
Cathy Baur, Vice President University Advancement
I don’t need to consult a calendar when I want to know how much time is left in our Forward Together campaign – I keep a countdown clock handy in my office.
The clock is not just a reminder of how much time remains in the campaign, it’s also symbolic of the amazing progress we’ve made so far. Individuals, corporations and foundations have already helped us get more than 75 percent of the way toward our $50 million goal!
The campaign is already having a positive impact, one that will be felt by individuals, families and communities throughout our region for years to come.
Your contributions are helping in so many ways to Prepare Tomorrow's Leaders, Build Great Communities and Solve Critical Issues. These campaign pillars speak to our desire to help future generations of students while CSUSM flourishes as a regional center for art, culture, research and community engagement.
It’s hard to believe, but we are halfway through 2017. And that means we have entered the final 18 months of our campaign.
With your continued support, I have no doubt we will reach our goal well before the countdown clock in my office reaches zero.
Please visit our campaign website to learn more about the impact donors are having on CSUSM.
Thank you for your continued support.

Cathy Baur
Vice President University Advancement

84% Progress - $25 Million Goal

Preparing Tomorrow's Leaders will...

  • provide our students with critical financial and support services so that they may become the next generation of leaders and engaged citizens
  • provide our students with experiential, hands on learning that brings curriculum to life
  • provide support for capital and instructional investment to enhance the teaching and learning environment

Alliance Ambassador

Student Success

CSUSM students in the Alliance Ambassadors program continue to benefit from the Schuster Family Scholarship Fund as well as an anonymous on-campus donor. In June 2014, Sherron and Jack Schuster pledged $24,000 to the CSUSM Foundation to be paid over four years in support of four Alliance Ambassadors. The scholarship is given each semester to Alliance Ambassadors who meet the criteria. Alliance Ambassadors are academically supported and gain valuable work experience and leadership skills as a part of this four-year scholarship. Read more about the Alliance to Accelerate Excellence in Education …

80% Progress - $5 Million Goal

Building Great Communities...

  • expand our reach beyond the limits of physical borders and expand our ability to drive the economy of the region
  • create sustainable mechanisms to promote and support our unique efforts and services to our external communities
  • provide opportunities to enrich the lives of our region through athletics, recreation, and visual and performing arts and activities

The Sports Center will be Rallying Point of Pride

Helping the Hungry

Associated Students, Inc., will open a student-operated food pantry to address food insecurity issues among CSUSM students, thanks in part to funding from the David T. and Dorris E. Staples Foundation. An initial $25,000 from the Staples Foundation, along with matching funds from Giving Day and the Annual Fund, has allowed the campus to begin the process of identifying a permanent location and begin the renovations and acquisition of equipment to outfit the pantry. Read more about ASI and its initiatives …

63% Progress - $20 Million Goal

Solving Critical Issues...

  • provide support for research and related activities of our faculty directed toward critical societal problems and their solutions
  • create opportunities for collaborative partnerships to improve conditions in our region and beyond
  • provide our outstanding faculty with professional development opportunities and support for complementing best practices in research and teaching

Matt Rahn

Increasing Safety

Cal Fire Local 2881 has provided $100,000 to support the ongoing development of CSUSM’s Wildfire Research and Education program, fulfilling a significant need in public-safety research and education by providing a singular focus on wildfires and the wildland urban interface. The Temecula-based program has an anticipated launch date of fall 2017. In addition to the degree program, funds will support continued research on issues related to firefighter health, safety and initial attack effectiveness. Learn more about the Environmental Leadership Institute …