CSUSM Foundation
Gift Fee – Policy and Procedure

Approved December 6, 2012
Effective Date - January 1, 2013


Effective January 1, 2013, all gifts made to the CSUSM Foundation, will be assessed an administrative fee of 5% for the purpose of partially funding Foundation operations and the University Advancement operation. New cash gifts, gifts-in-kind that are sold for cash proceeds, and new pledges are subject to the fee as of the effective date. The fee percentage may be reviewed and revised periodically.


CSUSM Foundation 5% Gift Fee applied upon receipt of gift:

  • All new gifts, including those to program funds, scholarships, endowments, and capital projects
  • No exceptions other than gifts in kind that are not converted to cash
  • Charged on monthly basis on cash deposited
  • Default: Fee deducted from gift principal
  • Alternative options:
    • Donor adds fee amount onto the initial gift amount
    • CSUSM department benefitting from gift pays fee
    • Fee paid from endowment earnings until obligation is fulfilled
  • CSUSM Foundation pays UARSC for administration of accounts based on business services agreement
  • Remainder of gift fee transferred to University Advancement for operations

Sliding scale for gifts of greater than $2 million:

  • First $2 million @ 5% gift fee
  • Third million @ 4% gift fee
  • Fourth million @ 3% gift fee
  • Over $4 million @ 2% gift fee

Cal State San Marcos Disclosure Statement:
It is the policy of California State University San Marcos and the Cal State San Marcos Foundation to reinvest a portion of the gift principal and/or the short-term investment income on gifts and grants to support the cost of raising and administering funds.

Gift Fee FAQs