How To Apply 

The first step in the application process is becoming informed about the academic programs at CSU San Marcos. Before you apply, please use our website to explore the options available to you. In particular, read the sections on Graduate Admission Requirements, Master's Degree Programs and Estimated Expenses.

The mailing address of the International Admissions Office is:

International Admissions Office
California State University San Marcos
San Marcos, CA 92096-0001

Inquiries can also be made by e-mail to:

Graduate Admissions

Decisions on graduate admissions are made by the academic departments and each department has its own admissions criteria. Therefore, it is essential that you know what the entrance requirements are and provide the necessary information to assure full consideration of your application. This information is available in the Admission section of this website. 
If you have any questions about program requirements, please contact the program representative directly. 

Spring 2016:

  • Begin accepting applications: August 1, 2015 for a limited number of graduate programs. Please check back shortly for updated information.
  • Deadlines for graduate programs will be listed on the departmental websites

Admission Steps

Before you begin the admission process, you must decide if you will be applying for regular admission or conditional admission. You should apply for conditional admission if you do not have a Bachelor's Degree from an English-speaking university or your TOEFL score is below 80 iBT (IELTS score below 6.0). If you are granted conditional admission you must enroll in the American Language and Culture Institute at CSU San Marcos.

If you apply for conditional admission, send all your application material to the American Language and Culture Institute (ALCI) along with an ALCI application. ALCI will handle all application processing.

To apply, please follow the following steps:

  1. Admission to a graduate program requires two applications; one to the University and one to the graduate department.  If you do not have a department application form, please download or request it.
  2. Go to CSUMentor and complete the online international application for CSU San Marcos. If you cannot apply online, please download an application.
  3. Complete the Financial Affidavit section of the application.   Be sure to obtain the required "Bank Certification" to cover your estimated expenses for an academic year.
  4. Request that one complete set of official sealed academic transcripts (with English translation) be sent to the International Admissions Office and another set be sent to the department. Two complete sets are required.
  5. Request that an official TOEFL score report be sent to the Admissions Office (Institution Code 5677). Please refer to the section on TOEFL requirements to determine if you are required to submit a TOEFL score.
  6. Request that an official GRE (Institution Code 4155) or GMAT (Institution Code V38-PT-28) score be sent to the Admissions Office.
  7. Submit any required letters of recommendation and personal statements directly to the graduate department.
  8. If you are admitted to the graduate program, you will receive an official notification from the Office of Admissions along with an I-20 form. Before you can enter the United States, you must go to the U.S. Consulate to get your F-1 visa.
  9. Notify the International Admissions Office and the graduate department that you will be attending CSU San Marcos.