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Useful Web Links

In addition to the study abroad options offered by CSU San Marcos and the CSU International Programs, there are many programs available for San Marcos students. The Office of Global Education maintains an extensive library of brochures and reference books describing these programs. There are a number of excellent websites that you can also access for study abroad information.  Some sites list a range of study abroad options while others promote a particular set of programs.

Study Abroad Directories

Students can use these powerful web databases to search worldwide learning opportunities. There are options to enter various search criteria such as location, duration, course of study, and dates to produce a list of program options offered through multiple providers.  

Study Abroad Program Providers

There are numerous organizations that provide a variety of programs to supplement programs offered by universities.  The organizations listed below are a sample of long established study abroad program providers.  The programs offered by these providers will also appear in a directory search.  

  • AIFS Study Abroad offers a number of diverse locations and excellent quality and service.  As an affiliate, students will receive a $400 discount for semester/year programs and $200 off of summer programming.  They provide a number of diversity, merit, and affiliate scholarships for additional savings.
  • CEA Global Education offers high-quality academic programs abroad in a wide variety of majors in English or the local language.  All CEA locations offer options for immersion with local students at local universities, and CEA's Global Campuses offer active learning and career development mentoring opportunities.  As a CSUSM affiliate, CEA will provide you with an automatic $600 grant for year-long programs, $300 for semester programs, or $200 for short-term or summer programs; as well as additional scholarship eligibility.
  • GlobaLinks represents a large number of universities that offer study abroad programs and internships for American students.  As affiliates of CSUSM, there is no application fee, an automatic $500 discount for semester/year programs or $100 for summer/internship programs.  Beyond this, you are eligible for their many affiliate need and merit scholarships. 
  • International Studies Abroad (ISA) hosts extensive and affordable programs abroad.  Many programs will be compsosite programs featuring host country language study as well as limited course work in English, usually focused in a specific discipline.  As an affiliate of CSUSM, you will be refunded your $200 application fee after acceptance and be eligible for their scholarships.
  • The Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE) is one of the largest study abroad organizations.   CIEE  offers work abroad and internship opportunities as well as traditional study abroad programs.