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Advisor's Role

Applicants to the Chancellor's Doctoral Incentive Program must be supported by a full-time tenure track CSU Faculty Advisor.

The advisor must prepare a written statement with the student. The contents of the statement may vary depending on the prior contact that the student may have had with the faculty and the extent to which the student is fully acclimated to the demands of a doctoral program. For example, applicants just beginning a doctoral program may benefit from more regular interaction than a student already at the dissertation stage. Note that the objectives of the advisor/student interaction are to assist the student in his/her doctoral program and to help the student understand the workings of higher education institutions and the faculty labor market specific to particular disciplines. If possible, an application supported by multiple CSU faculty advisors is highly desirable.


Advisement of a student and acceptance into the CDIP program does not guarantee future CSU employment for the student, and the faculty member, department, and/or other campus representatives should be certain to avoid implying or representing any such commitment.

Contact the Campus Coordinator

Sara Baramy
CSUSM Office of Graduate Studies
(760) 750-4066