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California Pre-Doctoral Program

About the CSU California Pre-Doctoral Program

The California Pre-Doctoral Program is designed to increase the pool of potential faculty by supporting the doctoral aspirations of California State University (CSU) students who have experienced economic and educational disadvantages. The program places a special emphasis on increasing the number of CSU students who enter doctoral programs at one of the University of California (UC) institutions. Scholars are exposed to unique opportunities to explore and prepare to succeed in doctoral programs.

Opportunities may include:

  • One-on-one work with faculty members at the CSU and doctoral-granting institutions
  • Funded summer research experience in chosen field
  • Visits to doctoral-granting institutions
  • Travel to national symposia or professional meetings
  • Membership in professional organizations
  • Journal subscriptions
  • Graduate school application and test fees

Roadmap to the CSU Doctoral Programs

Sally Casanova California Pre-Doctoral Scholars 2016-2017

Sally Casanova was the driving force in the creation of the California Pre-Doctoral Program in 1989. Among her posthumous honors is the designation of recipients of awards from the California Pre-Doctoral program as "Sally Casanova Pre-Doctoral Scholars.

2016-2017 Sally Casanova California Pre-Doctoral Scholar

  • Michah Savin; Faculty Sponsor: Kimberley Pulvers, Psychology
  • Jayd Blankenship; Faculty Sponsor: Kimberly Vanderbilt, Psychology

Full list of CSU wide recipients


Summer Research Opportunities for Pre-Doctoral Scholars

The California Pre-Doctoral Program provides summer research experience opportunities for current Pre-Doctoral Scholars only. The summer research experience allows you to work for approximately 8-10 weeks with faculty at a doctoral granting institution.

Contact the Campus Coordinator

Sara Baramy

CSUSM Office of Graduate Studies  
(760) 750-4066


February 2017