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Pre-Doctoral Faculty Information

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CSU California Pre-Doctoral Program
Faculty Advisor's Role

CSU Advisor's Role
Summer Internship Advisor's Role

CSU Advisor's Role
  • Identify and sponsor promising upper-division or graduate students.
  • Guide/advise candidates through the program
  • Identify appropriate journal subscriptions, national symposia and professional meetings
  • Personally acquaint students with information about academic careers
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Summer Internship Advisor's Role
  • Meet diverse and promising students who may be interested in doctoral work at their institutions
  • Mentor students through crucial decision-making times, which may then lead to the pursuit of a doctoral degree
  • Provide a summer research internship experience in students' areas of interest
  • Expose students to research processes with as much hands-on involvement as possible
  • Assess students' readiness and ability to pursue a doctoral degree successfully
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Contact the Campus Coordinator

Sara Baramy
CSUSM Office of Graduate Studies
(760) 750-8824

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