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Research Policies and Procedures

Academic Affairs Protocol for Approving Special Requests involving External Grants
Access to Laboratories and Potentially Hazardous Areas
Additional Employment and Overload
Allocation of Cost to Auxiliary Enterprises
Controlled Substance Policy
Cost Sharing at a Glance
Fellowship Procedure Protocol
Intellectual Property Policy
Human Subjects Research Website
Humane Care and Use of Animals (IACUC) Website
Misconduct in Scholarship and Research
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Reimbursed Time Form - CSUSM Corporation Forms Page
Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR)
Sponsored Projects Administration at CSU San Marcos

Academic Affairs Protocol for Approving Special Requests involving External Grants

The objective of this protocol is to assist grant applicants with securing proper and timely approvals of special requests related to external grant matters (e.g., space, course release, etc.) prior to submission of an external grant application.  See Protocol.

Additional Employment and Overload

Guidelines on additional employment are designed to provide a framework within which employees may be appointed for more than full time, and establish the total amount of employment an individual may have with the California State University (CSU). These guidelines cover the procedures on compensating faculty and staff for additional employment, and the reporting of such employment. These guidelines apply to all faculty and staff at Cal State San Marcos or any of its authorized auxiliary organizations and they apply to multiple appointments compensated by the University, regardless of the source of funding. Such employment includes appointments at any regular CSU program or auxiliary organization as well as appointments on more than one campus in the CSU.  Contact Academic Affairs x8820 or x4051