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Awardees 2013-14

2013-14 Awardees - University Professional Development Awards

Name Proposed Title College Department
Amy Carney
Financial and Physical Elder Abuse in San Diego County CoEHHS School of Nursing
Camille Schuster Course Materials for Marketing Analytics CoBA
Gerardo Dominguez Acquisition and Development of UV Actinometry for a High-Vacuum Astrophysical Ice Experiment CSM
Karen Schaffman The Live Legacy Project: Correspondences Between German Contemporary Dance and the Judson Theater Movement
Visual & Performing Arts
Kim Pulvers Publication of Distress Tolerance and Health Risk Behaviors Study CHABSS
Kimberly D'Anna-Hernandez Postnatal Alterations of the Hypocretin/Orexin System May Influence Maternal Motivation In Mice CHABSS
Kristine Diekman, et al. Reentry CHABSS Visual and Performing Arts
Marie Thomas, et al. Book Project: Ethnographic Study of the Modern North American Knitting Community
Marion Geiger Review Editor at Scientific Journal CHABSS
Modern Langauge Studies
Michael Hughes, et al.
Support Mayan Linguist CHABSS
Modern Langauge Studies
Michelle Ramos Pellicia The Spanish Varieties of North San Diego County and the American Midwest
Modern Langauge Studies
Mohammad Oskoorouchi Mixed-Integer Second-Order Conic Optimization Methods to Simultaneously Select Isocenters and Sector Durations in Radiosurgery CoBA
Operations and Supply Chain Management
Pamela Kohlbry Presentation of Research Findings: The Effect of an International Service Learning Cultural Immersion Experience on the Cultural Competence of BSN Nursing Students at Sigma Theta Tau International 42nd Biennial Convention
CoEHHS School Of Nursing
Robert Yamashita PHOSE2b: Separating Sociocultural Factors From Disease In Patient Reported Outcome In Thalassemia
CHABSS Liberal Studies
Sandra Doller Memory of the Prose Machine CHABSS Literature & Writing Studies
Sara Bufferd Distinguishing Normative and Pathological Emotional Development in Preschoolers CHABSS Psychology
Scott Greenwood Politics of Water and Climate Change in Jordan and Syria CHABSS Political Science
Sean Newcomer, et al. Impact of Pregnancy and Exercise On Postpartum Maximal Oxygen Consumption CoEHHS Kinesiology
Shahed Sharif Sage Software Package: Jacobians, Galois Representations, and Semi-Stable Models of Curves CSM
Sun Qi Does it Pay to Do Good? A Study of Corporate Sustainability Investment and Corporate Financial Performance CoBA Finance
Theresa Suarez JROTC Experiences of Filipina and Latina Women in San Diego CHABSS
Yi Sun A Empirical Study of the Impact of Local Government Regulation on Entrepreneurship CoBA Management Information Systems