Beginning on December 9, 2014, all protocols (including modifications and renewals) must be submitted electronically via IRBNet at, and all review decision letters will be issued electronically via IRBNet. For committee member training resources, click here. For researcher (students & faculty) training resources, click here. Accessing the training site requires you to enter in the following credentials (username / password): csusm / training

For additional information our CSUSM IRB office can assist you with any questions you may have as we move forward with this important initiative.  Please contact us via email at or by phone to (760) 750-4029. 

IRB Forms and Examples

IRB approval is required before human subjects research can begin (including recruitment). The researcher must submit the appropriate form to begin the approval process. For help determining what type of application you should submit for your particular research project, checkout the following:

Hints for using the online submission form:

Note!! Trouble opening the form? Hover over the link, right-click, choose "Save Link As..." from the drop-down menu, and save to your desktop.

The deadline for all reviews has passed, and the IRB does not fully function during Winter Break. Applications will be reviewed on an as available basis after December 9th using our new system, IRB Net.

IRB Process Chart

Submission Deadlines

Fall 2014

Full Reviews:
October 20, 2014

Expedited and all other reviews:
November 21, 2014

Spring 2015

Full Reviews:
April 13, 2015

Expedited and all other reviews:
April 24, 2015

Tools to determine level of review required.

You must use Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat Pro to open and fill out the application. 

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