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2017 Symposium on Student Research, Creative Activities, & Innovation Finalists

CSU Statewide Competition 2017

The 2017 CSU Statewide Competition will be hosted by Cal Poly San Luis Obispo on April 28-29, 2017. 

2017 Symposium Finalists

Congratulations to all the finalists at the 2017 Symposium on Student Research, Innovation, and Creative Activities. These finalists will advance to the CSU Statewide Student Research Competition in April 2017.

Maylin Caldwell - Dr. Matthew Escobar, Faculty Mentor 
Biology, Undergraduate
Characterization of the Internal NAD(P)H Dehydrogenases in Arabidopsis thaliana

Arthur J. Castaneda - Dr. Kimberly D'Anna-Hernandez, Faculty Mentor 
Experimental Psychology, Graduate
Stress and Maternal Behavior: The Effects of Hypocretin-1  Antagonism During the Postpartum Period

Tiersa Cosaert - Dr. Judit Hersko, Faculty Mentor 
Visual Arts, Undergraduate
Curios of the Future (Weather on Steroids: The Art of Climate Change Science).

Francisco Fernandez - Dr. Matthew Escobar, Faculty Mentor 
Molecular and Cellular Biology, Undergraduate
Defining the expression domains of the Arabidopsis glutaredoxin genes AtGRXS5, AtGRXS6, and AtGRXS8.

Andrea Flores - Dr. Dustin Calvillo, Faculty Mentor 
Psychology, Undergraduate
Mindfulness Induction After Encoding Decreases False Recognition

Petrona Gregorio - Dr. Heike Mahler, Faculty Mentor 
Psychology, Graduate
Effects of Social Norms and Self-Affirmation on Changes in Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Consumption Intentions and Behaviors

Karina Guadalupe - Dr. Jose Mendoza, Faculty Mentor 
Biochemistry, Undergraduate
Stability of Hsp60 from Helicobacter pylori: Effect of GTP Binding

Kathryn Layton - Dr. Sara Bufferd, Faculty Mentor 
Psychology, Graduate
Day-to-Day Associations Between Anxiety and Impairment in Preschool-Aged Children

James Oakley - Dr. Robert Iafe, Faculty Mentor 
Chemistry, Undergraduate
Gold(I)-Catalyzed Friedel–Crafts-Like Arylation of Benzylic Alcohols to Afford 1,1-Diarylmethanes

Stephanie Price - Dr. Heike Mahler, Faculty Mentor  
Psychology, Undergraduate
Refinement of a Self-Report Scale for Measuring Subjective Emptiness