Below are the advising assignments for History majors, History minors, Social Science majors with a primary field in History, and Liberal Studies majors with a special field in History. The advisors below are responsible for paperwork requirements. You may seek advice about courses and other subjects related to the major from any member of the History faculty. If you have questions, contact the Administrative Coordinator at 760-750-4152

If your last name starts with

ABC Prof. Ibrahim Al-Marashi MARK 249
DEF Prof. Darel Engen MARK 261
GHI Prof. Katherine Hijar MARK 252
JKL Prof. Daborah Kang MARK 231
Pre-Law Advisor
Prof. Anne Lombard MARK 232
OPQ Prof. Reuben Mekenye MARK 247
RST Prof. Carmen Nava MARK 241
UW Prof. Jill Watts MARK 240
XYZ Prof. Zhiwei Xiao MARK 248
Liberal Studies, Single Subject Preparation and
Prof. Jeff Charles MARK 233
Graduate Studies Advisor Prof. Alyssa Sepinwall MARK 251