Department News

Faculty Highlights

Professor S. Deborah Kang presented a paper titled, “Making the Bracero Program Local: Migratory Labor and Anti-Statism in Arizona, 1942-1964," at the annual meeting of the Pacific Coast Branch of the American Historical Association in August 2012.  She delivered a second paper, "Implementation: How the Borderlands Redefined Federal Immigration Law and Policy in California, Arizona, and Texas, 1917-1924," on a panel sponsored by the California Supreme Court Historical Society at the annual meeting of the American Society for Legal History.  This paper will also be published in California Legal History the journal of the California
Supreme Court Historical Society."

Professor Zhiwei Xiao essay, "Prohibition, Politics, and Nation-Building: A History of Film Censorship in China," will appear in Daniel Biltereyst and Roel Vande Winkel, eds. Silencing Cinema published by Palgrave in March 2013.

Professor Anne Lombard is Society for the Historians of the Early American Republic Fellow at the Historical Society of Pennsylvania for 2012-2013 where she is working on “Regulators and Legal Reform in Pennsylvania, 1763–1810.”

Professor Darel Engen presented a paper "Ready, Willing, and Able:  The Public and Private Trading Interests of the Political Elite of Classical Athens” at the University of California Santa Barbara in October 2012.  He will also be leading a study abroad in Rome program this summer.  For details, please see:

Professor Carmen Nava coordinated a digital oral history project on Alejandro 
Orfila, former Argentine Ambassador to the U.S. and Secretary General of the Organization of American States. Three History MA students, Amanda Regan, Denise Kane, and Andrew Aguirre contributed to the project.

The Department of History is pleased to announce the debut of the War At Home and Abroad Digital History Archive (WAHA).  A combined effort of students, faculty and staff, the website is dedicated to preserving historical memories of campus veterans, it can be found at  Congratulations to Professors Ibrahim Al-Marashi, Kim Quinney, and Jill Watts, History Alum Morgan Copeland McCorkle, Associate Dean Patty Seleski, and graduate students Amanda Regan, Andy Aguirre, and Mayela Caro for all their hard work in getting the site up and going.  Check out the Veterans Day 2012 Panel featured on the site.  Associate Dean Seleski also received a California Endownment for the Humanities Grant to support an oral history of military families and community.

Professor Alyssa Sepinwall’s book, Haitian History: New Perspectives (New York/London: Routledge, 2012) has been published.  The department will celebrate her new book at a reception Thursday, March 14, 2013 from 4:00-5:15 in Markstein 208.  In November, she delievered a paper at the Haitian Studies Association:  “Teaching Haiti and the World in Southern California.”  Roundtable on Teaching Haiti.  Additionally, she was featured in the AHA member spotlight

Professor Ibrahim Al-Marashi gave a number of talks this fall related to his work on the Middle East.  These included:  “The Evolution of the Iraqi and Syrian Security Forces: Coup-Proofing and Counter-insurgency in Two Ba’athist States,” Center for International Studies, USC, September 2012;  “The View from Tehran: How Iran's History Shapes its Foreign Policy,” Center for Jewish Culture, Carlsbad, CA, November 2012;  “Middle East Politics after the Israel-Gaza Showdown,” School of Politics, Philosophy and Public Affairs, and the Foley Institute, Washington State University, November 2012; (;  “Comparing Saddam Hussein's Iraq and the Syria of Al-Asad: Coup-Proofing and Counter-insurgency in Two Ba’athist States,” Joseph Kruzel Memorial Foreign and Defense Policy Luncheon Series, Washington State University, November 2012;  “Uprisings, State, and Sect in Syria and Iraq: What Saddam Hussein's Iraq Reveals about the Conflict in Syria,” Department of Anthropology, Fluminense Federal University (UFF), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, December 2012; “Al-Asad’s Toxic Deterrent: Would Damascus Deploy Chemical Weapons during the Syrian Civil War?” The Monterey Institute of International Studies & The James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies, Monterey, CA, January 2013.


Student and Alumni Highlights

Congratulations to Kevin Cole (undergraduate) on being the recipient of the first scholarship for Veteran Students who major in History.  The scholarship was made possible by a generous donation from Retired General Tony Jackson (SJSU alum and history major) who is now the head of the California Parks Service.  Thank you General Jackson!

Jennifer Miller (alumni) received her Master of Arts in Public History with an emphasis in Museum Studies from North Carolina State University in December 2012.

Mayela Caro (graduate student) was appointed to the Advisory Council of the Dean of the College of Humanities, Arts, Social and Behavioral Sciences.

Jason Habub (alumni) has been accepted to Georgetown University.  He will assume a teaching post at Westpoint next semester.

Jennifer McDonald (alumni) is in her first year of the MPA program at the London School of Economics.

Amanda Regan, Jaime Secrist, Andy Aguirre, (graduate students) and Teresa Hodges (undergraduate student) all presented GIS projects at the Fall Semester student research symposium. 

Bree Faulkenberg (graduate student) presented a paper, “Thresholds of Time” at the International Big History Association Conference in Grand Rapids, MI in August of 2012.

Amanda Regan (graduate student) presented “Madame Sylvia of Hollywood and Physical Culture in Depression Era America” at Washington University in St. Louis (WUSTL) for a Graduate Student Conference on the History of the Body.