Employee Self-Service


Q: Why use Employee Self Service (ESS)?

A: Employee Self Service provides up-to-date employment data. ESS gives you the ability to view and verify your own personal and benefit related data. (i.e. dates of hire, dependent coverage, address, etc.) ESS also allows you to view your leave balances and absences.

Q: How do I access Employee Self-Service?

A: You may log into the Employee Self Service portal at: https://my.csusm.edu using your current network logon and password.  Then you can use the Quick Links under My HR or Manager Resources or click on PeopleSoft Access then Self-Service.

Q: Do I have to be at work to log on?

A: No, ESS is a web-based portal that you can access thru the internet at any location, on or off campus. 

Q: My leave balances appearing in Employee Self-Service are not the same as on my pay statement. Why is it different?

A: Since leave balances are processed by the State Controller’s Office with Payroll, then uploaded after processing to PeopleSoft, the balances in PeopleSoft Self-Service are behind a full pay period.   

Q: Can I update my own personal data on-line?

A: At this time, the personal data you can update is limited to your personal home, mailing, and e-mail addresses, home and cell telephone numbers and Emergency Contact information.  

Q: If my information is incorrect, who do I contact?

A: If you find any conflicting or inaccurate information in your personal or benefit information, please contact Hoami Thamracksa, HRIS Analyst, at ext. 4413 or Diana Wilstermann, HRIS Project Manager, at ext. 4428.