Student Self-Service

Students can now log on to their MyCSUSM portal at, where they can report their time, make adjustments, and print their timesheet through PeopleSoft.

Process guides are available for each of the following featured areas to help navigate through Employee Self-Service.

Business Process Guide Detailed   
Student Enter Time PDF Document
Student Timesheet Adjustment PDF Document
Student Print Timesheet PDF Document

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What if I can’t access my timesheet?

If you do not have PeopleSoft access please send an email to or contact your Department Timekeeper for assistance. If the access is needed immediately please call the helpdesk (ext. 4790). 

When do I have to submit my time?

  • Any hours after midnight should be entered on the following day.
  • Time must be submitted by 5:00 PM on the last day of the pay period. For a list of pay periods and cutoff dates, please view the Student Cutoff Dates and Payday schedule  on the Payroll Services page.
  • If you fail to submit your time by the last day of the pay period, payment may be delayed.
  • As of the 1st of each calendar month you will be locked out of the prior month and will be unable to enter you rtime or make any changes to your time online. 
  • Consult your Department Timekeeper for your own Department deadlines for submitting time.

Can I make adjustments to my timesheet after I’ve already submitted it?

Yes! Any updates, additions or alterations to a prior month’s reported time, requires the submission of an Adjustment Timesheet to Payroll.

Should you need to make any adjustments to a prior month’s time, you will need to submit an Adjustment Timesheet.  Follow the “Printing Your Adjustment Timesheet” business process guide to generate an adjustment timesheet to use in submitting adjustments to Payroll.