MPP Self-Service

Manager Self-Service (MSS) is a web-based service that provides managers with employment information for their direct reports.  MSS provides access to key information housed in the PeopleSoft Human Resources System.  For MPP’s, MSS for direct reports is granted in addition to Employee Self-Service (ESS) where managers can view information related to their own employment.

How to Access Manager Self-Service

To access Manager Self-Service, log on through the MyCSUSM employee portal at using your usual network UserID and Password.

What Employee Information Can You View?

  • Personal Information:  In the Employee Information area, you will be able to view your employees e-mail addresses, personal phone numbers, birthday (month and day only), and Licenses and Certificates earned.
  • Leave Balances: In Self-Service you will be able to view your employees current leave balances and utilization.  Each leave balance/absence will display with values current as of the first day of the prior month (one month lag time).
  • Emergency Contacts:  Emergency contact information can be accessed quickly and easily in Manager Self-Service.
  • Job History: You will be able to view the appointment history for your employees.
  • Training Summary: You can view a record of all the campus sponsored employee trainings and workshops your employees have attended.

What Employee Information Can You Change/Update/Run:

  • Add/Update and Approve Time & Absences:  Under the Time Management menu you will have access to review your employees Reported Time and to approve it. 
  • Run the Reported Time Report Under the CSUSM HR Custom > Time and Labor menu, you will be able to run the Reported Time Report which is a listing of all your employees and their submitted time for a specific pay period.   
  • Run the Position Detail by Department Report Under the CSUSM HR Custom > CSUSM HR Administration menu, you will be able to run the Position Detail by Department Report, an extremely useful personnel management report listing all the positions in your area and the characteristics and funding of each.  Can be run by Department ID or your own personal Group ID. 
  • Request Training Enrollment:  The Learning and Development area will allow you to search and enroll your employees in campus sponsored employee training courses and workshops. 

The ability to directly view your employee’s data in the Human Resource system provides an excellent opportunity for you to ensure that the information is accurate.  One of the major advantages of the MSS system is that the data is real-time data; in other words, when you view your employee's information in MSS, the system pulls the most current information directly from PeopleSoft HR.

Process guides for each of the following areas to help navigate through Manager Self-Service.

Business Process Guide Detailed
Simple Steps Quicksteps
Approve Time Only (not Absences)
PDF Document
PDF Document
Print Reported Time Report
PDF Document PDF Document
Approve Time + Print Reported Time Report

PDF Document
View Employee Timesheet PDF Document PDF Document
Print Position Detail By Department Report
PDF Document
PDF Document
View Employee Job Information
PDF Document PDF Document
Enroll Employee in Training Course PDF Document PDF Document


Your employees’ personal data in the HR/Payroll system is maintained at the highest level of security protection available.  MSS uses the same technology that is used to access secure sites on the internet for activities such as banking and shopping. Security is maintained through the use of “roles” that control access to every data element maintained in the system.  Through this security mechanism, managers can only view employees that report directly to them in the HR System. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call Hoami Thamracksa, HRIS Analyst, at ext. 4413 or Diana Wilstermann, HRIS Project Manager at ext. 4428.