Conflict of Interest:

The purpose of confict of interest laws is to prohibit public employees from personally benefitting at the expense of the public interest.   

For information about Conflict of Interest requirement, please refer to the following:


If you are a CSU employee who is required to file a Form 700 or Form 700U each April, then you've been identified by your campus as a "designated employee." Not only are you required to complete the annual filing every April, but you're also required to complete an online training course every 2 years. This course is specifically designed for CSU employees and is required by state law.

  • If you are a continuing employee, then you'll fall into a two-year cycle to complete this 90 minute training course.
  • If you are a new employee in a designated position, then you'll be required to complete the training within 6 months of assuming your position.

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