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Applying for the Tuition and Fee Waiver Benefit

Step by Step Instructions
Eligibility for Spouse, Registered Domestic Partner, or Dependent Child
Applying for a Dependent Tuition and Fee Waiver

Step by Step Instructions:

1. Check your Bargaining Unit Contract regarding Professional Development and Tuition and Fee Waiver Benefits. Attend a Tuition and Fee Waiver workshop or contact Chris Quiroga/Tuition and Fee Waiver Coordinator (x4414). Visit our Forms page for additional information.

2. Choose your Option - Work Related or Career Development Plan (CDP)

3. Complete proper Forms - Fill out all necessary forms and get all signatures needed to process paper work. Career Development applicants are encouraged to contact OHR to review career plan and verify eligibility. The Tuition and Fee Waiver Admissions Fee Reduction Eligibility Form must accompany the application in order to waive the $55.00 fee.

4. Form Submission - Bring/send completed forms to OHR (Craven 1200), attention Chris Quiroga/Tuition and Fee Waiver Coordinator. If attending CSUSM, please check website for submission dates OR submit forms prior to your registration date (whichever is earlier or you may lose your classes).

5. Registration - Continuing Career Development Plan (CDP) students, including dependents, register via MyCSUSM or as determined by the campus of enrollment. Work related students will receive a registration date from the Office of Registration & Records, and register via MyCSUSM.

6. Fee Payment - Pay tuition and fees to Cashiers Office (See Course Catalogue for payment schedule). Visit Student Financial Services for more details. Tuition and Fee Waiver students are subject to dis-enrollment and late fees.

7. Changes/Adjustments - Notify OHR of any changes/adjustments to your schedule by contacting Chris Quiroga at cquiroga or x4414.

8. Continuing Semesters - Repeat Steps 2 - 8 in advance of each semester to continue in the program.

Applying for a Dependent Tuition and Fee Waiver

The Tuition and Fee Waiver Application process always begins at the campus of employment. The benefited, eligible employee is responsible for completing and submitting all forms required for participation in the Tuition and Fee Waiver and Reduction Program.

The following Tuition and Fee Waiver forms are to be completed and sent to OHR at California State University San Marcos prior to the first semester of attendance:

When the spouse, domestic partner or dependent child attends another CSU campus, coordination between campuses is required. The campus of employment must provide the following information to the campus of enrollment:

  • Verification of the eligible employee's qualifying employment
  • Verification that the employee will not be using the Tuition and Fee Waiver benefit during the semester/quarter
  • Verification that no other family member will be using the Tuition and Fee Waiver benefit during the semester/quarter