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Overview of Furlough Program on Employee Benefit Programs:

View the Benefits Furlough Overview for more information.

The CSU furlough program is designed to have minimal, if any, impact on employee benefit programs as outlined in the following information: 

Health, Dental, and Vision Benefits

There is no impact to an employee's eligibility for health, dental or vision benefits.  Eligibility for benefits are based on time base and length of appointment.  Furlough days taken within a given pay period do not change the time base, nor will furlough days alter the established duration of appointment, as in the case of a temporary appointment.

Employer Paid Life Insurance, AD&D, and Long Term Disability Plans

These benefit program premiums are paid by the CSU and there is no impact to the benefit received by an eligible employee.

Flexible Spending Plans (HCRA, DCRA, Flexcash)

Health Care Reimbursement Account:   HCRA is not impacted by the furlough program.  Please note that being placed on a furlough is not a qualifying event for the purpose of reducing or changing HCRA deductions.

Dependent Care Reimbursement Account:  DCRA may be impacted by the furlough program due to a reduction of hours and significant change in dependent care expenses. In order for an employee to cancel or decrease DCRA deductions due to reduction of hours, there must be a demonstration of a gain or loss of eligibility to enroll in DCRA. However, an employee who experiences a significant change in cost of child care or experiences a change in child care providers may either enroll, cancel, decrease or increase contributions based on this reason.

Flexcash:   Flexcash is not impacted by the furlough program as it is based on benefits eligibility criteria.

Voluntary Benefit Plans

Voluntary Life Insurance:  No impact.  The voluntary life premium is based on coverage amount selected by the employee and is not income based; therefore, there is no impact to the benefit received by an eligible employee.

Tax Shelter Annuity Programs 403(b), 401(k) and 457 plans

No impact.  Maximum contribution rates are not impacted by the furlough program although employees are encouraged to review their contribution in light of the reduction in salary.


CalPERS:   Generally, a full-time employee on a 2-day per month furlough plan who works continuously during the entire fiscal year, will earn a year of service credit (1.0).  (This includes AY Faculty who make CalPERS contributions over 12 months.)  However, certain full-time employees may see a reduction in service credit as a result of the furlough program.1  The following are examples:

  1. Employees with appointments of less than 12 months in the FY (start employment after July 1 or end employment before June 30);
  2. Employees who do not work continuously during the entire FY; and
  3. Employees who have a period of unpaid leave during the year.   

Part-time employees accrue a proportionately reduced amount of service credit during a fiscal year based on their time base and the same general rules as stated above apply to them as well when they are on a furlough plan.

Calculation of retirement benefits is formula driven and the salary component is based on pay rate, e.g., base salary rate, (not actual salary which reflects the reduction in pay due to time off for furlough). 

Employee and employer contributions to CalPERS will be based on the actual salary which reflects the reduction in pay due to furlough. 

DPA/PST Plan:  withholdings will be based upon the reduced salary rate.

Employee Fee Waiver Program

The employee fee waiver program is not affected by the furlough program.