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Learning Outcomes

The Program Student Learning Outcomes for the B.A. in Human Development are that students who have successfully completed the program are able to:

  • PSLO 1: Demonstrate understanding of developmental theories and how biological, psychological, social, historical and cultural dynamics influence developmental processes, and use theory as a framework to address real-world problems relating to lifespan development in applied settings such as counseling, healthcare, and education.
  • PSLO 2: Demonstrate understanding of how social categories such as gender, race, ethnicity, class, age, ability, sexuality, and religion—and the intersections of these identities—relate to diverse experiences across the lifespan.
  • PSLO 3: Apply skills, knowledge and goal setting toward employment in health and human services, including documenting field experiences in health and human services settings.
  • PSLO 4: Demonstrate understanding of research methods that are commonly used in human development scholarship and how to design, conduct and present an original research project.
  • PSLO 5: Summarize the delivery of social services, including: funding, staffing, assessments, program development and evaluation.