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Whether you’re a Cougar Courses novice looking for some basic training, or an experienced user wanting to explore new features or create multimedia learning objects, our professionally trained and highly experienced Instructional Developers will provide you with personalized support. We’re ready and eager to help you find inventive and effective solutions for your project.

picture Barbara Taylor, M.S. Instructional Design, MA Communications Lead ID Cherie Vinopal, M.A. Ed. Tech, Instructional Developer       ext. 8673

Barbara has been consulting with faculty for 15+ years designing and developing hybrid and online instruction. She uses various pedagogical perspectives to incorporate learning technologies to improve student learning. Prior to coming to CSUSM she worked as a Research and Instructional Consultant at Western Illinois University. She has taught college courses online and face-to-face.       ext. 8656

Cherie Vinopal is a practiced instructional developer of 15+ yrs.  She has special expertise in integrating new technology into online course development using pedagogical strategies and outcomes, and has taught classes at the college level both online and face-to-face. 

Susan Wilson, M.A. Ed, M.A. Ed Tech Instructional Developer imge of Jane Sim, B.A. LTWR, Instructional support analyst    ext. 4777

Susan's objectives as an I.D. are to help faculty incorporate instructional practices grounded in research and take advantage of technologies to provide students with the best learning experience and outcomes.  She has a wide range of experience as an instructor as well as an instructional designer of face-to-face and elearning courses.    ext. 4784

Jane provides consultation to faculty with careful consideration to matching instructional goals to solutions and alleviating technology anxiety. She has worked in support of faculty at CSUSM for 8+ years.

Susan Eldridge, MSI, Instructional Developer     ext. 8678

Susan provides personalized support to help instructors take advantage of instructional technologies and best practices to enrich instruction, and find effective solutions for traditional, hybrid, and fully online courses.