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Creating Grade Categories for Weighting

Categories in Cougar Courses gradebook can be used in multiple ways:

a. They allow you to organize grade items into the categories reflected in your syllabus.

b. Creating a category allows you to drop the lowest score of items within the category (such as Quizzes).

c. You can assign a weight to a category. The items in that category can then be graded out of a number other than their relative value within the course. For example, two exams can all be assigned a grade value of 100 points each, but the total of these three items can be weighted to be 40% of the course total.

d. You can create a non-graded category to house assignments that shouldn’t be counted towards the course total, such as Pass/Fail, drafts, or hidden/unused items. .

This guide provides steps to create a grade category, set the weight, and how to move grade items into a category.


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