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TechSmith Relay

Instructors and students can Download and install Relay from the IITS Media Production & Delivery webpage.

There are two parts to TechSmith Relay:

  • The recorder, which runs on your computer or mobile device.
  • The server, which processes and publishes all presentations to the CSUSM Mediasite server.

While using TechSmith Relay, you interact with both of these components. The recorder allows you to capture anything on your computer’s screen, including presentations, websites, other applications and your mouse movements. Using the computer's  built-in or USB microphone you can also record your voice as well as the system audio. You can even incorporate webcam video to add yourself to the presentation.

Interface of relay showing controls, recording preview, record button, audio slider and profile information

Simple trimming of beginning or end of your presentation is available in TechSmith Relay.  For greater editing capability you’ll need to send your recording to Camtasia Studio or Camtasia for Mac.

Relay interface with arrow pointing to trim video and submit button

A click of the Submit button sends your video for processing and an email will notifiy you that your video has been received and provide you with the URL to add to your webpage or Cougar Course.

TechSmith Relay’s mobile app, TechSmith Fuse® allows you to record up to 10 minutes of camera video with your iOS or Android phone  - great for field work or student demonstrations.


Download and install Relay from the IITS Media Production & Delivery webpage.

The TechSmith website offers a good overview of Relay as well as additional tutorials.