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Upcoming Opportunities!

FLIP CAMP Learn to flip your class

Training series  -June 7, 9, 12, 14, and 16 from 9:30 -2:30


The evidence continues to grow that flipped instruction, also known as inverted instruction, is more effective than traditional lecture-style classes. In this pedagogical model, the typical lecture and homework elements of a course are reversed. Instructional content is delivered online outside of the classroom, so that activities, including those that traditionally have been considered homework, are moved into the classroom.  The workshop series will follow this model, and participants will be expected to spend 2-4 hours before each meeting preparing for class and working on their flipped plan. 

Workshop Goals:

  • Gain exposure to examples of how other teachers are using flipped instruction.
  • Understand key considerations and concerns to be addressed in flipped teaching and learning.
  • Increase active learning in your classroom.
  • Implement a full cycle of flipped learning for one course module

For learning outcomes and requirements  please see the flyer.

Compensation:  $250 after attending all class sessions.  An additional $250 upon completing all elements of the flipped course topic. Funds can be used as professional development funds or a stipend. 

APPLICATION -due May 15th.  Notification of acceptance by May 19th