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Campus Software

For software that you are interested in requesting or updating, please fill out the  Information Technology Review Form

Attention Faculty Teaching Fall 2018:

If there are any applications that you do not see listed in the table below, please fill out the form above and we will follow up once we have completed a review of the request.  The deadline for software requests for the Fall 2018 semester is August 1st, 2018.  All requests after this date will be considered on a case by case basis.

Available for Download:

  • Adobe Creative Cloud - Adobe CC is the latest software release from Adobe.  It allows you to install Adobe applications on a 'A La Carte' basis. This subscription can be used up to 2 personal devices for free. This is only available for Faculty and Staff. Please view the instructions on how to download and install Adobe CC products.
  • Microsoft DreamSpark - Our campus is a member of the Microsoft DreamSpark Premium Program. STEM students, faculty, and staff have access to numerous Microsoft developer tools and operating systems. How to access Dreamspark
  • Office 365 - Faculty, students & staff are eligible to download and install Office365 on up to 5 personal devices at no cost. How to Install Office 365.
  • CougarApps - CougarApps gives you the opportunity to access campus applications and your files from anywhere at anytime. Yes, that includes at home from your personal machine! Click the link in the "CougarApps" column to visit the CougarApps page for details.

*Specific Labs Only, **Student Labs Only, ***Some Apps require permission for access**

Below is a list of software available as of Spring 2018 along with a list of training & tutorials from online resources. Please contact the Technology Help Desk (x4790) for any questions.

Software Name Versions Available   Latest Version   Campus Machine Availability: Installable on Personal Machine  
PC  Mac  CougarApps***
Faculty/Staff Students
Adobe Acrobat DC     X X X X

Faculty & Staff

How to install Adobe CC

Adobe Creative Cloud     X X    

Faculty & Staff

How to install Adobe CC

Alice 3  3  3   X      
Android Studio*       X      
Aquamacs 3.2       X      
ArcMap  10.5.1  10.5.1  X   X X Faculty, Staff & Students email Allen Risley 
ArcGIS Pro 2.0 2.0 X       Faculty, Staff & Students email Allen Risley
ArcGIS Online             Faculty, Staff & Students email Allen Risley
Atlas.ti  8  8     X X  
Audicity  2.1  2.1   X X X Faculty, Staff & Students 
Aurlia*  4  5   X      
Autodesk Autodesk has a variety of products. (Autocad, Maya, Mudbox, etc...)           Faculty & Students
Blender    2.79   X     Faculty, Staff & Students  




3.0 Mac

9.0 PC

 X X    

Faculty & Staff

Camtasia Software Keys and Downloads

Chemdraw  16  17     X X

Students, Faculty and Staff

Chemdraw Site Subscription 

Classroom Suite 4*       X      
Crystal Ball  11.1  11.1     X X  
DataStudio (1.9.8.r10ub)       X      
Digital Works  3.0.5 3.0.5     X X Faculty & Students  
Filemaker 13   16     X    
Filezilla     3.27     X X X Faculty & Students   
Finale  2014  25   X      
GSP5 (Geometer’s Sketchpad 5.06)       X      
Isabelle2013-2       X      
Kaleidagraph  4.5.3  4.5.3     X X  
Kurzweil 3000*       X      
LabChart Reader  8.1.6       X X Faculty & Staff 
Maple  18 18    X X X  
Mathematica  11.1  11.1   X X X

Faculty, Staff & Students

How to install Mathematica

Matlab         X X  
Maya 2015 2018   X    

Faculty & Students

Maya Free Student Software Download

Mendeley Desktop       X X X  
MGLTools-1.5.6       X      
Microsoft DreamSpark              
Microsoft Office 365            

Faculty, Staff & Students

How to install Office 365

Microsoft Visio         X X  
Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016     X X      
MikTex (0.3.0)         X X  
Minitab (17.2.1)         X X  
Minitab Express 1.5.1    1.5.1        

Minitab Express 1.5.1 for Windows

Minitab Express 1.5.1 for Mac

NetBeans       X      
Netfabb Basic (5.0.0)         X    
OnBase Unity Client (         X    
Overlay Maker*       X      
Pages       X      
PCSPIM (8.0.0)         X X  
PHStat 4         X X  
PlannersLab (         X X  
Praat (5.3.63)       X X X  
Practica Musica*       X      
Prism 6*       X      
Pro Tools 12*       X      
Program Editor (22.0.0)         X    
PuTTY (0.62.0)         X X  
PuTTYgen (0.62.0)         X X  
Python (2.7.0)       X      
Qualtrics     X X      
R (3.3.2)         X X  
Read&Write Gold 11
Reason 8*       X      
Respondus** (     X   X    
Safe Exam Browser 2.1     X X      
SAP Logon         X X  
SAS 93 (9.3.0)         X X  
SAS Enterprise Guide (5.1.0)         X X  
SAS GRAPH ODS Graphics Editor         X X  
SAS IML Studio (3.4.0)         X X  
SAS Locale Setup Manager         X X  
Scratch         X X  
SeaMonkey       X  X    
Secure File Transfer Client (3.2.9)         X X  
Secure Shell Client (3.2.9)         X X  
Seed Manager         X X  
Snagit         X X

Faculty & Staff

Snagit Software Keys & Download

SolidWorks (3.0.0)         X X  
SOLO 6*       X      
Spartan Student (6.1.4)         X X  
SPSS 19 thru 25 25     SPSS 24 SPSS 24  
SQL Developer (         X X  
StarUML (         X X  
Stata (13.0.0)         X X  
TeX       X      
Text Output         X X  
TextWrangler (4.5.12)       X      
TF32 (2.0.0)         X X  
View Data (22.0.0)         X    
Visual Studio 2013         X X  
VMD (1.9.2)       X      
VocalTractLab         X X  
VTDemo (3.6.0)         X X  
WaveSurfer (1.8.8p4)         X X  
Wolfram Alpha Pro            

Faculty, Staff & Students

How to install Wolfram Alpha Pro

Xcode       X      
XML Fox         X X  
XML Marker (1.1.0)         X X  
Ztool (1.65.0)         X X