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Technology Strategic Planning


With a forward focus, the campus will engage in a year-long process to evaluate and consider the updated societal and technology trends that are driving a time of rapid change. These changes impact our work, daily lives, and the learning experiences and expectations of CSUSM students. These trends change how we use technology and how we interact with students, employees and the external community.

Through the strategic planning process of deliberate campus engagement, technology assessment, and forward thinking, we will set about completing a new five-year Technology Strategic Plan.

Julius Williams presenting at the IITS Strategic Planning Retreat

Process Timeline

  • Phase 1 – Environmental Scan & Planning
  • Phase 2Campus Perspective & Input Opportunities
  • Phase 3 – Data Analysis & Initial Plan Drafting
  • Phase 4 – Finalize & Implement Plan
  • Phase 5 – Ongoing Monitoring, Evaluation & Adjustment
Planning Process Timeline

Margie Kidd presenting at the IITS Strategic Planning Retreat


  • Executive/divisional/college meetings & small group feedback sessions
  • Campus Survey (via IP&A)
  • Academic Senate and ASI
  • External – Gartner, EDUCAUSE, Strategic Planning facilitator
  • Technology Strategic Planning Working Group
    • Fourteen members – 9 campus community from faculty, staff, and students & 5 IITS staff will engage with the Chief Information Officer in a process to receive and analyze input, synthesize themes, and draft/edit the report.

Engagement Trends

Guiding Principles

Envisions us through our organization’s uniqueness and a future looking perspective

Draws from us what we know and builds upon both our strengths and the larger social/technology trends around us that we may not yet fully understand

Includes us in all voices and perspectives, as a process that both seeks and expects every individual to actively contribute

Stretches us with goals and a holistic vision that are beyond our current capacity, but are reasonably attainable through effective prioritization

Recognizes us as part of a changing world of technology, services, and roles that will impact CSUSM and our technological environment

Challenges us to be adaptable to the changing needs of students, faculty and staff here today and prepare for the students of tomorrow

Guides us with a plan that we enthusiastically and deliberately embrace and implement

Reflects us in a final plan that is true to our past, recognizes our present, and shines a bit of clarity on the future

Encourages us to focus on the power of possibility and opportunities we will co-create with those we serve

Positions us as innovative thought leaders who are driving initiatives that will positively impact the future of the University

printable guiding principles