Change Management

The goal of a change management process for information systems is to track details of changes made to information systems. The level of detail, and number of people involved in the change management process will depend on factors such as the number of IT support staff and/or IT managers involved in managing the system, the scope of users of the system, and the criticality of the system.

A major change is one which will affect or has a reasonable likelihood of affecting campus operations. An example of a major change is the upgrade of a widely used or underlying service technology such as an upgrade to domain controllers or Microsoft Exchange servers.  A minor change is one which does not appear to be reasonably likely to cause an outage or to substantially alter the user experience.  Examples of minor change are the implementation routine operating system and application updates.

A “change management board” consisting of members of the IITS staff shall meet periodically to review and approve major changes to systems, applications, networks, and where appropriate, processes.

For more information about the change management process, please contact the current CMB chair Margo Lopez.

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