Box @ CSUSM (Cloud Storage)

All CSUSM faculty and staff will start moving to Box in the summer of 2013.

Box is a user friendly, enterprise-level cloud-based storage, file sharing and collaboration platform, which will eventually replace the existing campus-provided H: drive and department share space. 

To learn more about Box @ CSUSM, including training items, please go to

To access Box @ CSUSM, please go to

Don't have a Box @ CSUSM account? No problem! Just go to, click the 'Continue' button to the right to get started.

Why can’t we just use a free consumer-level cloud-based storage solution like Dropbox, iCloud, Amazon Cloud Drive, Google Drive, or SkyDrive?

Those consumer-level solutions are not appropriate for campus content. CSU Policy prohibits us from storing campus protected information on non-campus systems. We do recommend that you use one of these consumer-level solutions for your personal files, as most allow anywhere from 2GB to 10GB of free storage.

  • This is a great location to store your personal pictures, videos, music, etc.
  • Please note that we are specifically requesting that people do NOT store music, photo or video collections in their campus-provided Box account.
  • If you have campus files on those consumer-level solutions, please move them into your CSUSM Box account and delete them from your consumer-level solution account.

Why did we select Box?

  • Box provides the campus with cutting edge file sharing and collaboration tools.
  • Box provides an enterprise-level solution that meets the needs of our faculty and staff.
  • Box allows you to access your own and shared documents at anytime from anywhere, using any device.
  • Box will save the campus money.

What are the features Box provides?

  • It offers each user up to 50GB of cloud-based storage.
  • It provides users with the ability to collaborate easier with others -- on or off campus by providing the ability to share files and folders and comment/collaborate in these areas.
  • It provides improved access to your campus files anytime from anywhere, using any device(s).
  • It gives the ability to view and share files from smartphones and tablets as quickly and securely as a desktop or laptop.

How secure are my files on Box?

Box features a comprehensive and sophisticated security suite, which our Information Security Officer (ISO) has reviewed and approved for usage.

How do I access my files on Box?

  • Via a Web Browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome or Safari)
  • Via a Mobile Device
    • Install a Box App. Go to your device’s app store and download one of the IITS recommended free Apps from Box:
      • iOS - “Box for iPhone” and “Box for iPad
      • Android - “Box for Android” and “Box for Android Tablet”
  • Via a Desktop or Laptop
    • Install a Box App. Login to your Box account and download one of the IITS recommended free Apps from Box:
      • “Box Edit”, “Box for Office”, “Box Sync for Windows”, “Box Sync for Mac” and “Google Docs"

What type of files shouldn’t be stored on Box?

  • Your personal files, including pictures, videos, music, etc.
  • Protected Level 1 data, as it needs encryption and will stay local at this time.
    • Examples of Level 1 data (per CSU Policy #8065) – Confidential information includes but is not limited to:
      • Passwords or credentials that grant access to level 1 and level 2 data
      • Birth date combined with last four digits of SSN and name
      • Credit card numbers with cardholder name
      • Driver’s license number, state identification card, and other forms of national or international identification (such as passports, visas, etc.) in combination with name
      • Social Security number and name

File and Folder Limitations

  • No single folder can contain more than 8,000 files. For the best performance, have at most 2,000 files in one folder.
  • Folder names can’t be longer than 100 characters.
  • File paths can’t be longer than 255 characters.
  • No two folders within the same parent can have the same name. For example, the “Magical Creatures” folder can have only one “Unicorn” folder.
  • File and folder names cannot have leading spaces. So “_narwhals” will need to be renamed to “narwhals.”
  • File and folder names cannot start with a dot (.) So “.narwhals” will need to be renamed to “narwhals.”
  • Certain special characters are not allowed in Box file or folder names. (\ / “ : < > | * ?)

What can’t be migrated to Box?

  • Outlook PST files
  • Windows shortcuts
  • Folders starting with a dot (.)
  • Databases files
  • Temporary files (.tmp, files starting with ~ character)
  • System and hidden files
  • QuickBook files

Box Sync Best Practice

  • As a best practice, only sync your current and active projects for offline access rather than keeping a local cache of all of your content. You should also consider what folders you will need to access while you are offline for an extended period of time.