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Web conferencing allows you to share voice, video, and screens with others using a variety of devices, including:

  • desktop computers
  • laptops
  • mobile devices (iOS and Android)

...pretty much anywhere you have good networking bandwidth:

  • a classroom
  • a conference room
  • your office
  • at home
  • on the road

The product that makes this possible is called GoToMeeting.

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For more information about getting started with GTM, please contact Media Production Services (MPS), or call Will White at 760.750.8670.

So, what can we do with web conferencing?

On the business/administrative side:

  • Keep projects moving  - by communicating with people or bringing them into meetings no matter where they are.
  • Save travel expenses - meet on the web instead of flying.
  • Webinars - let the world know what you have to offer with informative webinars that thousands can watch around the world.
  • Training - show people how to do things live on the web.
  • Outreach - phones and face-to-face meetings are great, but meeting live on the web is becoming increasingly popular with the digital generation.
  • Position searches - reach a wider field of applicants with live interviews.

"GoToMeeting on the Mac® is a dynamic combination, pairing the easy-to-use Control Panel with the simplicity of the Mac. I have found meetings extremely easy to set up, schedule with others, and run. The new VoIP capability works perfectly on my MacBook Pro – and actually sounds better (and is easier to access) than a normal conference bridge."

Michael Crandell, CEO
Santa Barbara, CA

On the academic side:

  • Online office hours - anytime/anywhere meeting with students.
  • Tutorial sessions - you and students can work together on problems.
  • Group projects - help students work together at a distance on projects.
"With GoToMeeting, I can instantly help up to 25 students at a time from home or my office – it's much easier than meeting students individually during set times on campus. My students learn more and perform better meeting online with GoToMeeting."


Michael Phillips
California State University
Northridge, CA

We are licensed for three different products that address different collaboration needs:

We can also assist with Skype calling and adding conferencing capabilities to existing conference spaces. For more information contact Will White (8670,

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