Changing Passwords on a Macintosh Computer

If you wish to access your email from any computer besides your state system, please use, or if you are on Exchange, log in with your entire email address to to access the e-mail web page.

Outlined below is password information specific to the Macintosh environment.  For general information about passwords, please visit the Password FAQs section. 

Step 1: Changing Your Network/Email Password

 • Open your choice of Safari or Firefox
 • Go to
 • Enter your username and current password
 • Click “Continue to change your password” to proceed

You should see something like this:

Password Change Confirmation

 • Fill it out as prompted, then click “Change Passwords”
 • Wait about 5 minutes before accessing your webmail, webct, etc.

Step 2: Changing System’s Login Password

 • Open “System Preferences”
 • Click on “Accounts”

System Accounts Icon

 • Click on “Change Password”

Click to Change Password

 • Changing the password:

Old Password Confirmation

 • Enter your previous password with which you used to log into the laptop in the ”Old Password” field.
 • Then enter your new password and verify it.
 • The “Password Hint” field should contain a hint that will help you to remember what the password is. This will be prompted to you after three attempts.

Step 3: Change Saved Email Passwords

If you are using either Entourage or Apple Mail and have the system save your password, you will need to reset those as well. Below, follow the instructions corresponding to either of the program you are using for your email.

3a: Apple Mail – resetting password:

 • Open Apple Mail
 • From the top-menu bar, click on “Mail”, and select “Preferences…”

Mail Menu to Preferences Tab

 • Select the “Accounts” tab.
 • Select your account, and change the password field.

Box to reset password

 • Close that window, click “Save” to apply the changes, and restart Mail to test the newly inserted password.

3b: Entourage – resetting password:

 • Open Microsoft Entourage
 • From the top-menu bar, click on “Entourage”, and select “Account Settings”

Entourage Menu

 • Double-click on your account
 • Under “Account Settings” tab:
 • Change the Password field with your new password.

Box to reset password

 • Click “OK”
 • Quit Entourage, and re-open Entourage.

If you are still having issues obtaining your email, contact the Helpdesk (or call x4790) for further instructions.

Step 4: Change Secure Wireless (CSUSM) Login Password

 • Open “System Preferences” from the Apple Logo in the upper left-hand corner.
 • Select “Network”

Network Icon

 • Highlight “Airport”, you should see something like this:

AirPort Connected Option

 • Click on the “Advanced…” button
 • Click on the “802.1X” tab, your window should look this:
 • In the “Password” field, enter your new password.

Password Reset Box

 • Click “OK” once you are done.
 • Click “Apply”
 • Click “Turn AirPort Off”, then click it again to turn it on.
 • If done successfully, you will get the Status “Authenticated”.

If you are still having issues connecting to the wireless, contact the Helpdesk (or call x4790) for further assistance.