Video Studios

Video studio A View from Control Room A into Studio A during a student production.

We have two high-definition three-camera production studios at CSUSM.

  • Video studio A - full three-camera production studio with control room (Kel 2316, 2314, 2315);
  • Video studio B - full three-camera production studio with control room (Kel 2311, 2312, 2313).

Some of the features include:

  • Green screen cyclorama;
  • Audio isolation and treatment;
  • Light grid;
  • Professional camera pedestals;
  • Teleprompters;
  • Comm systems for crew;
  • Pro switchers;
  • Control rooms.

Student crew in video studio. Students working on a production.

These areas are available for scheduled, supervised use by instructors with courses requiring advanced studio production facilities. Faculty, students, or staff wishing to make use of these facilities should contact Studio Coordinator, Will White ( or 8670).

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