Field gear

 It is often necessary to record outside of the studio environment. MPS maintains field equipment for checkout for this purpose, including most common items needed for professional production, such as:

  • Cameras and accessories
  • Lighting
  • Tripods and other support accessories
  • Audio recorders and microphones
  • Battery packs
  • Digital still cameras

These items are stored and checked out in:

  • Kellogg Library 2301 (contact Steve Wiener,, 760-750-8662);
  • SBSB 2207 (contact Joe Henschel ,, 760-750-4087).

Advanced Equipment Use

Some items are available only to students in courses doing advanced work by instructor request. This is equipment that is often fragile and expensive, sometimes requiring specialized training to make effective use of. To request that students in your course be allowed to check out advanced equipment, please send a list of the students and their user names to the studio coordinator.

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Media Production Team Contacts

Chuck Allen
[Team Leader]
Kellogg Library 2425

Will White
[Studio Coordinator]
Kellogg Library 2305

Chelsie Perez
[Production Assistant]
Kellogg Library 2433

Damon Adamo
[Production Assistant]
Kellogg Library 2433