Troubleshooting Relay


If your submitted presentation has no sound, you will need to re-record your presentation

To prevent submitting a presentation with no sound follow these steps:

  • Are you using a built-in mic, USB mic, or an analog (headphone jack) mic?   Relay prefers a built-in or USB, an analog mic may not work.
  • Make sure your microphone is plugged in before starting relay.
  • Do a test recording using the blue test button before recording to make sure your microphone is being picked up. This does not need to process it is just a playback.
  • After you record and before you submit your recording, playback your recording to make sure the sound recorded.

Uploading Your Presentation

When recording off campus, upload times can vary greatly depending on a few factors

  • Screen resolution
  • Presentation Time
  • Motion in the Presentation
  • File Size
  • Internet Upload Speed (You can check this by going to )

The table below show variations and approximate upload times

1 Mbps (Megabits Per Second) = .125 MBps (Megabytes per second) of data transferred.

Resolution Recording Time File Size upload time @ 1Mbps upload time @ 20Mbps
1280x800 1 hour 2.41 GB 5 hours 21 minutes 16 minutes
1280x800 1 hour 247 MB 33 minutes 1 minute 36 seconds
1366x768 1 hour 322 MB 43 minutes 2 minutes 10 seconds
1440x900 35 minutes 256 MB 35 minutes 1 minutes 42 seconds
1920x1080 28 minutes 210 MB 28 minutes 1 minute 24 seconds
1280x800 1 hour 450 MB 1 hour 3 minutes

In the first 2 examples above the Resolution and Recording Time are the same, but the file size is almost 10 times as large.

The difference in file size was due to a video chat session was recorded in 1 and the other was just a voice chat with lttle changes on the screen.

When recording a video chat, try to have a well lit solid color background and try to keep motion down to a minimum.

A Powerpoint recording is usually composed of slides and voice, so in the example with the resolution of 1920 x 1080 the file size is relatively small.

Resolutions over 1920x1080 may have probems processing. 27" iMac screens have successfully recorded presentations, but MacBook Pro laptops with Retina displays have failed to process on longer presentations. A solution would be to reduce the resolution. The final processed relay recording resolution is 1024x768, so lowering the screen resolution can be beneficial, especially if websites or word documents are being recorded.

Faculty and Staff can monitor uploads by logging in to the Relay Server and clicking on Presentations, Presentation List and selecting uploads from the dropdown menu.

Students cannot view upload status.

If an upload is not complete, you will need to open your Relay recorder and as long as it is connected, it will continue to upload until the file is completely uploaded.