Camtasia Relay for CSUSM Faculty

The latest version of Camtasia Relay Recorder is 4.3.0

  1. Make sure your computer meets the minimum requirements for Camtasia Relay Recorder
  2. Read and understand the naming convention for faculty presentations.
  3. Please download the recorder by logging in using your CSUSM credentials
  4. Read the Camtasia Relay Best Practices Guide
  5. Run Camtasia Relay Recorder and make sure it is connected to the server before recording.
  6. How to use Camtasia Relay recorder
  7. Trim and Submit your presentation

*Note: It is very important that you want for submission process to complete. Project will not be recoverable if it is interrupted during this process. Longer presentations take more time.

Please follow these rules for the naming convention.

If they are not followed, your presentation may not be processed to the correct location or be delayed and student's presentations may not get processed at all.

In the title section of the recorder, please use the following naming format:


 Example: MKTG448_schuster_Syllabus

If you are having students submit Camtasia Relay presentations please email Studio Services so a catalog page can be setup.

Please direct the students to Camtasia Relay Page and follow the instructions for students.

Once a student submits their recording, only the instructor will get the verification email, not the student. Studio services will then put the processed presentations in the proper catalog.

Trouble Uploading from Off Campus

Please view our Relay Troubleshooting Page.

Using Camtasia Relay

Quick start guides:

Install Camtasia Relay recorder on your Computer

Install Camtasia Relay recorder on a USB flash drive

Using the Camtasia Relay recorder

Microphone Requirements for Camtasia Relay

Install and Using Camtasia Relay PowerPoint Presentation

Install and Using Camtasia Relay Adobe PDF

Camtasia Relay Recorder Help Guide

Camtasia Relay F.A.Q.

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