Pay for Print (Pharos) Printing Instructions

1. Make sure you have a print card. One may be purchased in the print/copy room on the 2nd floor of Kellogg library room 2021 and on the 3rd floor room 3310. Print cards cost $1. Then you must put on credit to the card for each page you would like to print. It is 15 cents per page of black and white, and 35 cents per page of colored print.

2. Once you have a print card, select print for whatever document/item you would like to print. It will be sent to the nearest print station (depending on which lab you are in). You can identify print stations because they have the Pharos print station screen on at all times.

3. Go to the print station and insert your print card into the reader. Then a list of print jobs will come up and select yours and click print. The job will then print from a printer right next to the print station.