Standard Software

Standard Software on Campus Computers

Faculty and staff have a variety of software applications available at their fingertips.  The standard "image," as it is called, contains software programs ranging from Microsoft Office products (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, to name a few) to Adobe Acrobat Pro.  The image is generally the same across all campus computers.

Software for Home Use

Microsoft Office 2007

Faculty and Staff are eligible to receive one copy of the Microsoft Office 2007 disks for work-related use on their personal computer.  Microsoft Office 2007 disks are usually available, but please call x4790 to verify we have disks in stock.  If they are available, you can pick up the disks by bringing your current campus ID to the Faculty/Staff Helpdesk (at the entrance of Kellogg Library, 2nd floor) during the regular Faculty/Staff Helpdesk hours.  You'll be required to review and agree to the Microsoft Campus Agreement Form before any disks are released.

The Microsoft office for Home Use Agreement is on the IITS Forms page.

Other Applications/Tools Used on Campus


Support for Geographic Information Systems (GIS)


Support for standard statistical software.


How to use mcs from your desktop (including information for Vista users).  This product is also known as vBrick, Live Streaming Video, and TV from Your Desktop.

FrontPage 2003

Faculty and staff who are upgrading their website in Cascade may need access to FrontPage temporarily.

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