Student Laptop Checkout and Use Policy

Laptops can only be checked out by CSUSM students, with a valid CSUSM Library card.

Limits & Availability:

  • Laptops can be checked out from the Student Technology Help Desk (STH) located at KEL 2013.
  • Laptops must be returned in person to the STH prior to STH closing.
  • Laptops will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis. They cannot be reserved ahead of time.
  • Check-out is for up to 3 hours. They can be renewed at the STH if no one is waiting to borrow a laptop.
  • Laptops will not be checked out when there are less than 2 hours before the STH closes.
  • If you have fines on your Library account you will not be allowed to checkout a laptop.
  • If you have previously violated this checkout agreement, you will not be allowed to check out a laptop.
  • You may not save your work to this laptop, but instead you must save it to a server or email it to yourself.
  • You may not install software on the laptop or otherwise change its configuration.

Fines & Liability:

  • Laptop late-return fees are $10 for each hour or portion of an hour the laptop is late.
  • If you lose or significantly damage a laptop, you will be responsible for reimbursing the campus for the repair or replacement of the system. Replacement cost for the laptop computer is based on the retail price of equipment with similar specifications. Repair costs will be based on actual costs of parts and labor.
  • You will be charged for necessary repairs if you tamper with security seals on the laptop.
  • You must not leave the laptop unattended – you are responsible for replacing the laptop should it be stolen while checked out to you.