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Student response system demonstration

Student response systems have become standard equipment in many college classrooms. These handy tools allow us get almost instantaneous feedback from a large audience. This can be used in a variety of ways in a classroom learning environment. Clickers have been proven to increase student interaction and provide an active learning environment. Response systems work to capture student opinions, assess learning of classroom content, and allow for instructors to re-teach a concept. Collecting of student responses can be done in a number of ways now, including the use of mobile devices, making it affordable for students and easy to use for faculty. Many faculty here at CSUSM are now using clickers and say it is a great addition to their teaching.

Please join us in helping to choose a new student response system that will carry us into the future.

Event Details:

Friday April 15th Event Summary

Clicker Comparison

The (Student Response System) Click-Off was held on 4/15/11. Vendors from i>clicker, Turning Point Technologies, and Poll Everywhere provided hands-on product demonstrations. Each vendor had time to show how their system was used by both faculty and students, and to highlight features our faculty had identified as important. Participants were given the clickers and actually conducted sample polls and tests using the various devices.

Of the three products reviewed, the i>clicker product was the more simple and robust system. The Turning Point system had some nice capabilities including PowerPoint integration, but some people present felt that the more complex system would not be a benefit in the classroom environment. The participants preferred the i>clicker2 model, which has the added benefit of allowing self-paced testing starting in Spring 2012.

Poll Everywhere provided ease of use, but some faculty members were concerned about the distraction of using web-enabled phones in the classroom environment. (This system uses no actual clicker and can be used with any text or web enabled phone, laptop, or device.) There was a discussion related to the issue of access for students who may not be able to afford this kind of device.

We would like to find out how many of you would be interested in using Poll Everywhere. This wouldn’t replace the I-Clicker campus adoption; it would just be another alternative. Please email Bill Ward (bward@csusm.edu) if you would be interested in using this product.

Thank you and stay tuned for more details.

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