Technology Resource Center

The Technology Resource Center (TRC) is a technology lab for faculty and staff projects, located on the second floor of the Kellogg Library, and supported and maintained by Academic Technology Services (ATS). The TRC provides a quiet and well-equipped learning environment to work with ATS staff on projects involving all aspects of academic technology. You will have the opportunity to:

  • Try out new software and hardware
  • Learn new technological approaches to teaching and learning
  • Broaden your understanding and expand your use of technologies you already use.
With six up-to-date computer workstations, technologies available in the TRC will allow you to:
  • Work with the Moodle/Cougar Courses learning management system (LMS)
  • Develop web-based materials
  • Create interactive media to enhance learning
  • Edit and create using graphics software
  • Convert printed material into editable text
  • Grade Scantron materials
  • Capture and manipulate digital video and audio
  • Convert videotapes and DVDs
  • Duplicate CDs and DVDs
  • Scan slides and other film media.
ATS staff are ready to assist you in achieving your technology goals. The TRC is located in the Kellogg Library (room 2414), across from the ATS offices and next to the Faculty Center and is open the same hours as the Library.  The door locks automatically at 5PM, but faculty may enter the TRC anytime during Library Hours by using your key access card.

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