Telephone Services
Phone: 760-750-4530

Craven Hall Room 2311
Fax: 760-750-3010


Kathie Pendo
Margie Kidd
Shelley Ross
Isela Bañuelos

Telecom Analyst
Telecom Analyst
Accounting Technician


What We Do

Telephone Services is the organization within Instructional and Information Technology Services that provides voice communication to the campus. Our staff serves the entire campus community of faculty and staff in their offices and students in the residence halls. A phone line with voicemail and call waiting is provided in each apartment at University Village. Residents are responsible for providing their phone set. Additional phone lines can be ordered by individuals at their expense. Faculty and staff services include office phones, voicemail, fax lines, modem lines, mobile phones, pagers, conference services, classroom phones, and calling cards, and operator services.

Campus operators are available to personally answer and route calls to the appropriate departments during normal business hours. After hours callers have the ability to choose to be transferred to the most commonly contacted departments. The campus directory is produced each fall and is available for all faculty, staff and students living in the residence halls. We also distribute SBC white and yellow page directories as well as the state directory.

Telephone Services coordinates all computer and phone moves for IITS. We work with the Faculty/Staff Help Desk and IITS Network Team as well as Facilities Services and Planning Design and Construction to ensure a successful move. Telephone Services handles all billing associated with telephones, campus computers and networking.

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