Voicemail System Instructions

Quick reference

Shortcut codes

Setting up Your Mailbox

From your office phone

From off campus

Press the voicemail button
Enter the security code of 4000

Call 760 750 3400
Press # when the system answers
Enter your Extension
Enter the security code of 4000

Use the 4000 security code for the first time only.  After that use the security code you set.

Complete the tutorial:

  •      Enter new security code (Remember what you entered) (4-15 digits)
  •      Record your name
  •      Record your standard greeting
  •      Need help creating a greeting Click Here

Security code:  Please do not use your mailbox extn, 1111, 1234, etc.  Make it more secure to prevent spoofing your mailbox and to ensure privacy.

Please contact Telephone Services at x4530 if you need assistance.

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