Cell Phones

In many positions, cell phones are an essential and an efficient way to carry out University business. However, like any technology, the department/employee should evaluate the cost of using the phone vs. benefits derived and only use this more costly alternative to regular phone service when necessary. Be aware that cell phone costs and usage are subject to scrutiny. 

Carriers offered through Telephone Services & Employee Discounts:  Verizon      Sprint/Nextel       AT&T      T-Mobile

Purchasing a new cell phone

  • Decide on a carrier that will suit your business requirements and budget
  • Does the carrier have service where the employee conducts their business
  • Determine what type of services/features the employee will require to conduct business
  • Will you travel outside San Diego County, California or Internationally
  • Do you need features such as, voice minutes, data, text messaging, or direct connect radio
Once approved please email tservices@csusm.edu the following:  (Email must be sent from the Budget Manager or Director.)
  1. Carrier choice, equipment name & model (Please choose a couple different models in case the one you want is no longer available.)
  2. Choose plan type
  3. Chargeback code to bill equipment & monthly charges too.

For tips on how to use your Blackberry click below & choose your phone type or contact Tele Services (760)750-4530 to set up a training time.  Blackberry 101

Pagers used for University business are ordered and billed through Telephone Services. 

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