ESP Information

Employee Status Pages (ESP) are used to notify various departments of personnel changes.  Various departments receive information that may be pertinent to providing services to the person involved.  These departments include but are not limited to Computing Help Desk, Telephone Services, Facilities, Parking, Mail Room, Library....

New ESP form is used when an employee is new to a department.  They may be new to the university or they may be leaving another department and starting a new position in a different department.  The New ESP form sets up services specific to their position in the new department.

Separation ESP form is used to separate an employee from a department.  They may be leaving the university or possibly leaving a department to start a new position in another department. It is important to separate an employee who leaves a department to close all services -- access to accounts, authorization codes, etc.

Move ESP form is used to move an individual from one office to another within the same department.  This is only for a physical move.  It may be that only the employee is moving and will be using a different computer/phone.  Or an employee is moving along with equipment and furniture.  There may also be only equipment/furniture moving -- please complete a move ESP form under someones name and explain the move in the comments field.

Hardware/Software ESP form is used when requesting new software or requesting a Copier/Printer connection. 


If you have any questions about the ESP forms or processes, please contact us and we will try to assist you.  This is a process shared by many campus departments.


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