Phone sets can be disconnected at no charge.  Phones will be picked up and placed in storage for the department.  If a phone needs to be reinstalled, there is a $100 one-time charge and monthly charges will apply after that.

Lines can be disconnected.  If it changes templates on multiple phones, there is a $35 charge.

Cell phones/PDAs can be disconnected at any time.  We do not pay termination charges.  Cell phone equipment belongs to the department.  If you no longer need it, it can be given to Telephone Services for disposal.

Voicemail can be removed from any line.  Please let us know how calls to that line should be directed.  They can ring continuously or be directed to another voicemail box.  To reinstall voicemail on a line there is a $10.95  one-time charge and a monthly charge of $4.00.

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