Why does my Call Forward light stay on?

Your forward light may stay on if you have the appearance of another individual's line that is forwarded. You can still make and receive phone calls on your own line. You should see the word FORWARD in your display if your phone is forwarded. If your display says FORWARD and your phone is not forwarded, contact Telephone Service (x4530). We may be able to remove the word FORWARD so you can easily determine if your line is forwarded or if another line is forwarded.

How do you make an international call?

First make sure that your long distance authorization code is capable of making international calls. Then dial 011 (the international access code), the country code, the city code, and the local telephone number. After the beep enter your long distance authorization code. Most country codes and city codes can be found in the front of the white pages. Remove any 0s that precede the country code or city code. Example: If you wanted to call Norway you would dial 9-011-47-33-401-2345.  Also please see our International Phone Resources on our main Faculty/Staff page.

 When programming the dialing string into the fax machine, enter 4 pauses between the end of the phone number and the authorization code.

How do you send an international fax?

Follow the instructions for making an international call. When programming the dialing string into the fax machine, enter 4 pauses between the end of the phone number and the authorization code. This is necessary because international numbers vary in length and the system has to wait to ensure all digits are entered before it prompts for the authorization code.

How do you make long distance calls?

To make a long distance call, you may need a long distance authorization code. An authorization code is required for all calls outside the 760 and 442 area codes. If an authorization code was not received when hired, please have a budget manager email to request one. Visit Dialing Instructions page for detail dialing instructions (only viewable from a CSUSM computer)

How do I get another campus directory?

The campus directory is provided for each phone set. Additional directories can be requested through Telephone Services.  They can be picked up in Craven 2311 or placed in the campus mail.

My phone is not ringing.

Adjust the ringer volume dial on the left side of the phone while the phone is ringing.  There are 2 dials onthe left side -- volume and tone.  Adjust the dial with a picture of the bell.  The slider on the right side adjusts the speaker volume.

My phone says Do Not Disturb.

This occurs when *6 is dialed. Do Not Disturb stops all ringing on the phone. To deactivate this feature press, #6. *69 is not a feature available on these phones.

Can I do a conference call from my phone?

Yes. You can conference 3 parties together. With the first party on the line, press the transfer button and dial the second party. When they answer, announce the conference and press the transfer button. All 3 parties will be able to converse.  For conferencing more than 3 parties, visit Secure Information page.(viewable from campus computers only)

How do I transfer a call?

With the party on the line, press the transfer button. Dial the second party. If the phone call is successful, hang up. If the phone call is busy or misdialed, press the Cancel button and begin again. Visit Transfer page for more instructions. (viewable from campus computers only)

Can I transfer calls to a voicemail box?

Yes. With the party on the line, press the transfer button. Dial 3400. When voicemail answers, press 1 and then enter the extension and # of the person to which you are transferring. The caller will hear the greeting. To begin the process again, press Cancel and you'll be returned to the original caller.

*If your question is not on this page, or you need additional clarification, contact Telephone Services at 760-750-4530 or

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