Moves & Changes

Move requests involving phones and computers should be made at least 2 weeks in advance to allow for preparation and coordination between IITS and Facilities.  Move requests for phones and computers must be submitted via ESP.  IITS will work with Facilties and the department moving to coordinate a move date and discuss details after an ESP is received.  An IITS representative will coordinate all telephone, computer and network changes required.

Telephone change request can be made via email to  Contact Telephone Services to discuss options, but requests must be made via email from an authorized department representative.  A chargeback code must also be provided.

Move Charges

Computer $100.00
Network Copier $100.00
Phone $60.00
Computer Breakdown $25.00
Phone Set Configuration Changes
**Button changes, ring changes, forwarding changes, etc.
Up to 10 changes per department (per account)

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