Telephone Services

Telephone Services is the organization within IITS that provides voice communication to the campus. Faculty and staff services include office phones, voicemail, fax lines, modem lines, mobile phones, pagers, conference services, classroom phones, calling cards, and operator services.

Campus Operator can be reached at x4000 or (760) 750-4000 Monday-Friday 8:00 - 5:00 (closed on campus holidays)

Phone Numbers
California State Directory
CSU Phone Numbers
CSUSM Department Numbers
Campus Fax Numbers
Telecommunication Device for the Deaf
(TDD/TTY) Numbers

Telephone Hoaxes
Area Code 809 Scam
Telephone Technician Scam

United States Phone Resources
White and Yellow Pages
United States Area Code Map
NANPA-North American Numbering Plan Administration
Locate an Area Code and Prefix

International Phone Resources
Fone Finder
AT&T International Codes OR International Codes
What Time Is It Where You Are Calling
Country Calling Codes - Interactive Finder


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