Frequently Asked Questions

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Why are we changing email services?

We moved our student email service in order to keep up with considerable growth in email usage on campus, and to catch up feature-wise with the free email services of the world. We chose Google's Apps for Education service, which gives our students a huge mailbox, state of the art spam filtering, collaborative document editing, and a bunch of other fun features. Plus, our students get to keep those email accounts for life. With all these bonuses, it makes sense to extend those features to our current Alumni as well.

Will my email address change?

Not if you don't want it to. Alumni can keep their existing email address; Or if they choose, they can use the same domain name as students, Once your account has migrated, either address will work.

Will I get to keep all of my current email?

Yes, all of your current email will be copied into your new Cougars account.

Will I get to keep my address book?

Sort of. When we move your account, we'll email you a file that can be imported into Gmail's Contacts. It's a standard CSV file, so you can open it in Microsoft Excel or Google Documents as well.

What happens if I have my current email forwarded?

To cut down on potential confusion, all email forwards will be disabled when their accounts migrate. After your account is migrated, you'll be able to set up a forward within Gmail. To do that, check out the instructions here.

What services are being offered?

Officially, we're offering Mail and Calendars. Those two services meet our accessibility requirements, and fix the immediate problems we're having with our older email service.

That said, we also have Documents (a word processing and spreadsheet package) and Chat turned on. These two applications are currently unsupported (Documents in particular) because they don't meet our accessibility requirements.

What options do I have for accessing email?

The primary (and probably best) option is Webmail:

The webmail interface is packed with all sorts of features. In your online email account, you can chat with your contacts, create filters to organize your inbox before new mail arrives, schedule calendar events, map addresses in your messages, and track postal packages.

You'll also be able to access your email via POP or IMAP, or with a special application for a Blackberry or J2ME enabled phone. For more information, visit Google's help pages.

Do I keep the same password I current use?

No. We can't retrieve Alumni passwords from our password database, so we'll be assigning you fresh new passwords when your account is migrated. That password will be emailed to you along with additional information about your account.

Once your account has migrated, you will be able to change your password within your Google account using the Settings link in your email account (instructions here). We recommend you change your password immediately to one that you can remember, and that we don't know.

Where can I learn more about using these services?

Google has an excellent support site available.