Windows 7

CSUSM will start moving to the next Microsoft Windows Operating System, Windows 7, in the summer of 2010.

Why are we moving to Windows 7?

• Get quicker access to your files

• Manage open windows more easily

• Connect to wireless networks easily

• Do more and wait less with faster sleep and resume

• Improved power management for longer battery life

• Improved security, i.e. fewer viruses and malware

Which computers will be impacted and when is the rollout date?

The rollout of Windows 7 will begin in June 2010 with this upcoming year’s faculty and staff refresh systems. All instructor stations and lab computers will have Windows 7 starting Fall 2010.

How has IITS made sure Windows 7 will work on campus?

IITS has successfully completed a thorough test of the applications that the campus community uses. In addition, faculty and staff volunteers are currently testing Windows 7 to give us feedback to ensure applications are reliable and stable.

Why didn’t we skip Windows Vista and wait for Windows 7?

The Microsoft support for XP was rapidly declining and the numerous advantages of Windows Vista were hard to ignore at the time. Windows 7 is actually the next version of Windows Vista with a different name. By moving to Windows Vista last year, we were able to test and validate all of the campus’ applications to confirm they were enterprise ready.

What’s different from a user perspective between Windows 7 and Windows Vista?

The Windows 7 user interface will be almost exactly the same as the Windows Vista’s user interface, which was intuitive and simple to use.