Styles  in Cascade

There are many differnt ways you can style your text within the Cascade WYSIWYG. Some should be used sparingly, others not at all, while others help make content flow better.

Subscript and Superscript

Unless you are writing mathmatical formulas, there is no reason to use these styles


Bold is a style that should be used sparingly. Visitors will be drawn to bolded text. Remember this is you want to bold a word in the middle of a paragraph. Using bold is good to give emphasis, but too much bolding can look odd, and be difficult to read.

One great way to use bold text is to separate different sections of your page (Each section of this page has standard bolded text)


Using italics is similar to bolding. It should be used sparingly and only to give focus to text, or to show some kind of sectioning or differences to the text around it.

Take a look at search results for an example.


Be very careful with underlining. Underlining on a webpage can look a lot like a link. use it only for emphasis, and very sparingly (or aviod it alltogether)


All text on your pages should be left justified (Text is left justified as a default). There is never a good reason to center or right justify text on a page.

With the design of the current site, centered text does not look good.

More complex formatting options